APEX Program for School Leadership is a series of short courses designed for developing leaders of classical education. The program provides targeted, continuing education pertaining to school culture, instructional and operational excellence, and a classical philosophy of leadership. Rooted in centuries of classical wisdom and decades of practical experience, APEX is a program designed to cultivate the prudence you need to lead a virtue-centered learning community.

“We must … receive glory from [our mentors], together with their goodwill and friendship, since, as Plato says, people cannot be good leaders unless they have first been good servants.”— Plutarch, “How to Be a Good Leader”

Classical education aims at human flourishing. Leadership within that context thus calls on every member of the community to be oriented toward the good. This places a unique burden on the classical school leader to understand not only individual human flourishing, but also how to prudently govern a community ordered to human flourishing. The APEX program assumes that participants have some understanding of the classical tradition, and working in a Great Hearts school or attending the Academy for Classical Teachers can be good first steps in studying that tradition.