Welcome to the APEX Program for School Leadership

apex logoAPEX is a series of short courses designed for developing leaders of classical education. The program provides targeted, in-service topics pertaining to school culture, instructional and operational excellence, and management philosophies. Rooted in centuries of classical wisdom and decades of practical experience, APEX is a program designed to give you the skills you need to lead a virtue-centered learning community.

woman“The APEX Program for School Leadership has been very instrumental in helping me develop as a classical school administrator. The courses I took gave me a strong foundation in building a healthy school culture and leading a team and inspired me to think about faculty expectations and about how to balance the parallax between strategic goals and management tactics. In the case studies, I was exposed to the most common challenges facing school communities and came to understand the necessity of virtues and good judgment to counteract these challenges. Additionally, APEX challenged me to develop behaviors that generate trust in order to build strong relationships. Hiring for Mission Fit in particular was a huge help. The two books we read for this course really helped me understand how to hire the right people. Every school leader, no matter how long he or she has been working in school administration, will gain valuable insight from taking these courses. Thank you, Great Hearts, for providing this exceptional training.”

– Mary D’Amour
Assistant Dean of Secondary Education, John Adams Academy