APEX Program Details


Throughout the program, APEX gives the participants access to downloadable artifacts that may be adapted for use in a variety of school contexts. APEX assignments are created to simulate on-the-job tasks, allowing participants to build a portfolio of references to use now or in the future. The readings for each course vary, but in general, participants purchase 2-3 texts in order to complete the required reading assignments.


Most courses are four weeks in length, and participants may take stand-alone courses or progress through a systematic scope and sequence. Each course features mostly asynchronous content through an online learning management system, as well as up to four synchronous online discussions.

Nuts & Bolts

Course fees are $250 per course for non-Great Hearts participants.

Participants need to purchase the course books, which will add between $15 and $80 to the course expense.

Each course provides 12-16 hours of activity over a four-week period (summer courses are slightly compressed).

At least one year of teaching experience as a full-time classroom teacher is required to enroll in courses.

Course 1

Personal Leadership I

This course builds upon the wisdom of the three Delphic maxims inscribed in the Temple of Apollo: “know thyself,” “nothing in excess,” and “certainty brings ruin.”

Course 2

Building a Strong Student Culture

This course uses the classical virtues as a paradigm for cultivating a healthy student body in partnership with teachers.

Course 3

Building a Strong Faculty Culture

This course develops your understanding of the components of a healthy faculty culture, bringing understanding to bear on the practical, day-to-day decision making processes of a teacher.

Course 4

Operationalizing Vision

This course takes current and prospective school leaders through a one-year cycle of operationalizing vision, including delegating strategically.

Course 5

Hiring for Mission Fit

This course highlights one of the critical building blocks of a virtuous faculty culture – hiring for mission fit.

Course 6

Building Healthy Parent Communities

This course takes participants through an exploration of several dyads crucial to a healthy parent community on a school campus.

Course 7

Leadership for Change

This course builds awareness of the larger context of leading schools in the midst of transition and change.

Course 8

Case Study in School Leadership

This course takes participants through specific “on the ground” challenges encountered by real headmasters as they make decisions in their first year as leaders of a young school.

Course 9

Personal Leadership II

This course concludes the APEX sequence with the objective of reflecting on the cultivation of prudence.