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Below, please find descriptions of the APEX courses available during the coming year. Each course provides 12-16 hours of activity over a four-week period (1.5 CEUs). Summer courses are compressed into three weeks each. Purchasing books may be required. Upon submission of all assignments, you will receive a certificate of completion. 

Spring Courses

Spring Courses

Operationalizing Vision in a School: February 6 – March 5
Case Study in School Leadership: March 20 – April 16
Leadership for Change: Understanding Change, Managing Transitions: March 20 – April 16
Oratory - Spring 2023 (internal employees only)
Proseminar I - Spring 2023 (internal employees only)

APEX Spring Courses
Summer Courses

Summer Courses

Building a Strong Faculty Culture – June 2023
Building a Strong Student Culture – June 2023

APEX Summer Courses
Fall Courses

Fall Courses

Hiring for Mission Fit - Available Fall 2023
Building Healthy Parent Communities - Available Fall 2023
Guiding Instructional Excellence – Available Fall 2023 (internal employees only)
Personal Leadership – Available Fall 2023
Proseminar I - Available Fall 2023 (internal employees only)

APEX Fall Courses
Instructional Coaching (internal employees only)

Instructional Coaching (internal employees only)

Instructional Coaching 101
Managing an Instructional Coaching Team
Instructional Coaching 2.0
Instructional Coaching: Student Work Analysis and Planning an Effective Reteach
Instructional Coaching: Planning for Next Year

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