About APEX:

woman“The APEX Program for School Leadership has been very instrumental in helping me develop as a classical school administrator. The courses I took gave me a strong foundation in building a healthy school culture and leading a team and inspired me to think about faculty expectations and about how to balance the parallax between strategic goals and management tactics. In the case studies, I was exposed to the most common challenges facing school communities and came to understand the necessity of virtues and good judgment to counteract these challenges. Additionally, APEX challenged me to develop behaviors that generate trust in order to build strong relationships. Hiring for Mission Fit in particular was a huge help. The two books we read for this course really helped me understand how to hire the right people. Every school leader, no matter how long he or she has been working in school administration, will gain valuable insight from taking these courses. Thank you, Great Hearts, for providing this exceptional training.”

– Mary D’Amour
Assistant Dean of Secondary Education, John Adams Academy

Personal Leadership I:

Thank you for this course . . . the selection of texts and the introduction to the Cowan book has been probably the best collection of readings in any class since a Classical Political Thought class I had my last semester of college.

Leadership for Change:

Excellent course facilitation with Debbie Rickey! Everyone at Great Hearts should take this course.

Case Study in School Leadership:

I absolutely loved the articles we read. Ms. Hayes was fantastic, and I felt so proud of my colleagues…they did an amazing job presenting. What a great and safe way to experience decision-making from afar! Loved it!

Operationalizing Vision:

The course was wonderful, and it was a fantastic balance of the philosophical and the practical, which I think most people can really appreciate as it gives them very actionable takeaways.

Hiring for Mission Fit:

This course was fantastic, and I highly recommend it for any administrator or someone considering administration.

Building Healthy Parent Communities:

My time spent in study and with colleagues during the Parent Communities course was instructive and encouraging. The modules were interesting and relevant, and I was able immediately to implement many of the ideas and concepts I learned from the course in my current role and see how they will equip me as I grow into new roles. The opportunity to connect with and learn from classically-minded teachers and school leaders from other campuses, cities, and states in both small group and seminar settings was enlivening, and the ability to complete the modules at times that were convenient for me was helpful.

Building a Strong Faculty Culture:

Every seminar brings me confidence, and getting to know my peers helps me understand the value of my own thoughts and opinions.

Building a Strong Student Culture:

The course’s focus on one text and on virtue was powerful and invigorating. We had the chance to hone in on the virtues by reading, seminaring, and engaging in the leadership simulation. The breakout sessions were very helpful on zoom. Mrs. Gillingham led our class joyfully, professionally, and with wonderfully clear knowledge of the text itself.