About APEX:

I wanted to personally thank you for allowing me to take part in the APEX Leadership Training Program.  It was wonderful training, and I am so grateful for the experience.

Hiring for Mission Fit Course:

This course was fantastic, and I highly recommend it for any administrator or someone considering administration.

Building Healthy Parent Communities:

My time spent in study and with colleagues during the Parent Communities course was instructive and encouraging. The modules were interesting and relevant, and I was able immediately to implement many of the ideas and concepts I learned from the course in my current role and see how they will equip me as I grow into new roles. The opportunity to connect with and learn from classically-minded teachers and school leaders from other campuses, cities, and states in both small group and seminar settings was enlivening, and the ability to complete the modules at times that were convenient for me was helpful.

Faculty Culture Course:

Every seminar brings me confidence, and getting to know my peers helps me understand the value of my own thoughts and opinions.

Student Culture Course:

The course’s focus on one text and on virtue was powerful and invigorating. We had the chance to hone in on the virtues by reading, seminaring, and engaging in the leadership simulation. The breakout sessions were very helpful on zoom. Mrs. Gillingham led our class joyfully, professionally, and with wonderfully clear knowledge of the text itself.